November –          Inaugural performance Melbourne International Arts Festival North Melbourne Town Hall

May –                     Melbourne Autumn Music Festival Trinity College Chapel University of Melbourne

May –                     LB with Genevieve Lacey North Melbourne Town Hall
June –                    LB with Jane Edwards NMTH

March –                 LB with Anna McDonald NMTH
May –                     Sunday Live ABC Classic FM Iwaki Auditorium

February –            Love + the Art of War with e21 North Melbourne Town Hall
February –             CD recording The Italian Ground ABC Classics

January –                Love + the Art of War; Organs of the Ballarat Goldfields festival
March –                  LB at Ten Days on the Island Festival Hobart
May –                      Love + the Art of War Castlemaine Festival
July –                       Monteverdi – L’Orfeo; Queensland Music Festival with Griffith University

April –                      Love + the Art of War; Utzon Music Series The Studio Sydney Opera House

July –                       Victorian Opera @ MRC – Baroque Triple Bill [Monteverdi/Bach]
Monteverdi – Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda; JS Bach – Coffee Cantata       BWV 211; The Fight of Phoebus and Pan BWV 201


25 March –             JS Bach – St John Passion/Stephen Layton. Melbourne Recital Centre
Siobhan Stagg – Soprano; Sally-Anne Russell – Alto; Joshua Bloom – bass/Pilate; Martin Vanberg – evangelist; Michael Leighton-Jones – Jesus;  Trinity College Choir, Melbourne; Consort of Melbourne

Tuesday 10 April –  Destination – Italy. Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre

17th Century music by Frescobaldi, Castello & Fontana

Love Italy?  Come with Ludovico’s Band as they journey through the 17th century.  Exotic Venice with its spice traders, mysterious lenten masks, golden St Mark’s Basilica and the music of Castello and Bassano.  Across the valley of the Po to Florence, the city of the Renaissance, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci and the birth place of Opera. Then to Rome where Frescobaldi so entranced his patrons and peers with his magnificent playing in St Peter’s Basilica.  Hear some of the first sonatas ever written.  This was music of the avant-garde, exciting, edgy, flamboyant, full of joy and sprezzatura.

Tuesday 15 May
Destination – England. Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre

Choice Ayres, Songs and Dialogues – Lute music and songs by Dowland, sonatas and songs by Purcell. With guest, tenor Timothy Reynolds

John Dowland (1563-1626) and Henry Purcell (1659-1695) were two of the greatest English musicians of any time. Their profound insights into the human soul, with Dowland expressing a deeply melancholic view of life, and Purcell a rich theatrcial extravagance, have provided us with some of the greatest songs and music from an astonishing era. Notably influencing contemporary artists such as Sting (Songs from the Labyrinth) and Michael Nyman and Peter Greenaway (Prospero’s Books, The Draughtsman’s Contract) we aim to bring the timeless quality of this extraordinary music to life in this concert.  In this program, we journey through their music, their lives, their joys and sorrows, in music of exquisite beauty and refinement.

18 July – 3 August
Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, Playhouse Arts Centre Melbourne
Victorian Opera, Richard Gill, conductor; Jean-Pierre Mignon, director

Saturday 11 August – Magnificat in the Chapel of Trinity College, University of Melbourne

Cantatas of JS Bach
Himmelskönig, sei willkommen BWV 182
Jauchzett Gott in allen Landen BWV 51
Magnificat BWV 243

Greta Bradman, soprano; Michelle Clark, soprano; Jenny George, alto; Wolfram Lattke, tenor; Timothy Newton, bass; Choir of Trinity College; Michael Leighton Jones, conductor

Tuesday 28 August
Destination: France Dance music from the court of Louis XIV

Ludovico’s Band takes you to the dazzling and highly perfumed world of the court of Louis XIV, where prowess on the dance floor was as highly prized as the turn of a phrase or the thrust of a sword. Chorégraphie demonstrates that music of the baroque period is, first and foremost, dance music. Suites of courantes, bourées and sarabandes found their way from the streets, by way of the French courts, and went on to take Europe by storm. This buoyant music will be for you what it was for those long-ago rouged faces beneath powdered wigs; an absolute toe tapper.

Tuesday 20 November
Destination: Bohemia/Austria String music by Biber and Muffat

Ludovico’s Band performs gems of the late 17th century revealing the splendour of the Austro-Bohemian empire. Compositions preserved in the Moravian archives of the castle at Kromeritz include fantastical musical battles by the virtuosic violinist Biber, sumptuous dances by Schmeltzer composed for elaborate court pantomimes and balls and sublime string works from Muffat, the most cosmopolitan of European composers. From this stunning collection of virtuosic string music we look forward to a program that will dazzle and enliven with the sounds of gut strings being plucked, hit and bowed in a percussive and thrilling evening’s entertainment.


Friday 4 January      Peninsula Summer Music Festival Mt Eliza
Monteverdi Masterpieces
L’Orfeo: Toccata and Prologo; Lamento della Ninfa; Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda; Si dolce e’l tormento; Zefiro torna
Greta Bradman, soprano; Paul Bentley, tenor; Justin Burwood, tenor; Nick Dinopoulos, baritone
Saturday 5 January    Peninsula Summer Music Festival St John’s Church Flinders
A Dance Through Europe – music for harp, guitar and theorbo
Ribayaz – Tarantella; Lully – La pavane des saisons; de Murcia – Gaitas e Cumbees; de Visee – Suite for theorbos; Frescobaldi – Aria detta la Frescobalda; de Visee – Suite for guitars; Castaldi – Quagliotte Canzone; Piccinini – Ciaccona
Sunday 17 March 6pm    Castlemaine State Festival Castlemaine Anglican Church
Fairest Isle – music of Dowland and Purcell

The music of John Dowland (1563–1626) and Henry Purcell (1659–1695), two of the greatest English musicians of all time, will form part of the program for this unmissable concert. Dowland’s and Purcell’s profound insights into the human soul, with Dowland expressing a deeply melancholic view of life and Purcell a rich theatrical extravagance, helped to create songs and music from an astonishing era.

Ludovico’s Band will bring the timeless quality of this extraordinary music to life in this concert. They will also celebrate the marvelous musical awakening of 17th century England through John Dryden’s Fairest Isle, with music of exquisite beauty and refinement

Tuesday May 7 @ 6pm    The Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre
Monteverdi Masterpieces
L’Orfeo: Toccata and Prologo; Lamento della Ninfa; Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda; Si dolce e’l tormento; Zefiro torna

Greta Bradman, soprano; Tyrone Landau, tenor; Daniel Todd, tenor; Nick Dinopoulos, baritone

Tuesday 13 August @ 6pm
Sheer Pluck

George Frideric HANDEL [1685-1759] – Concerto for harp Op 4 No 6
Antonio VIVALDI [1678-1741] – Concerto for lute in D major RV93
Giovanni Battista GRANATA [1620/21-1687] – Sonata for guitar, violin and continuo
Georg Philipp TELEMANN [1681-1767] – Concerto da camera for recorder, strings and continuo

Ludovico’s Band steps up front to present a series of concertos and virtuoso sonatas, letting the unique instruments of the band speak out loudly and proudly.

Tuesday 8 October @ 6pm  
The North Star

Lucas Ruiz de RIBAYAZ [1626 – after 1677] –
Luz y Norte: Tarantella-Espanoletas-Chaconas y Marionas                                                                   
Santiago de MURCIA [c.1682-c.1732] – Gaitas y Cumbees
Gaspar SANZ  [1640-c.1710] – Suite
Alonso MUDARRA [c.1510-1580]– Fantasia que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Ludovico 
Antonio de SANTA CRUZ [1561-1632] – Jacara
Santiago de MURCIA – Fandango
Diego ORTIZ [c.1510-c.1570] – viola da gamba variations

The music of 17th century Spain was infused with a spirit of adventure and exploration, closely mirroring the exploits of travelers and adventurers of the time. The New World was opening up, and new influences were coming to the Old World in a startling and vigorous way. This new music is full of energy, beauty, and sheer brilliance. Ludovico’s Band reveals the music that was so closely integrated with the life of 17th century Spain as it sought to change the world. With guests Geoffrey Morris, baroque guitar; Hannah Lane, baroque harp; Dan Richardson, percussion.


Tuesday 26 August @ 6pm – The Salon Melbourne Recital Centre

Destination – Sweden
The music of a great musical dynasty of composers & kapellmeisters.

17th-century Sweden was one of Europe’s great powers, and the region’s grandeur and splendour are reflected in its rich musical heritage.

Specially programmed by our celebrated lutenist Tommie Andersson, we embark on a historical quest, tracing the music of three generations of the Düben family – a great musical dynasty of composers and kapellmeisters.

The Swedish celebration continues with the Australian premiere of unpublished trio sonatas of Johan Helmich Roman, regarded as the ‘Father of Swedish Music’, and an accompanying treasure trove of Swedish folk music, including sounds from the province of Dalarna, certain to make you want to dance the Polska.

Tuesday 23 September @ 6pm – The Salon Melbourne Recital Centre

Love.Sex.Death: Music to Die For

Joined by outstanding singers Liane Keegan (contralto) and Maximilian Riebl (countertenor), the program explores the highs and lows of love and its outcomes.

Henry Purcell     Dance of the Chinese Man and Woman – The Fairy Queen Z 629
Purcell                    Here the deities approve – Welcome to all the Pleasures Z 339/3
Claudio Monteverdi        Pur ti miro – The Coronation of Poppea
Dietrich Buxtehude         Klaglied: Muss der Tod
Monteverdi    A dio Roma from The Coronation of Poppea
John Dowland Flow My Tears
Jakob van Eyck Pavaen Lachrimae
Monteverdi         Disprezzata regina – The Coronation of Poppea
Johan Joseph Fux   Aria No 2 ‘Di questo giorno al sol’ – Orfeo ed Euridice
Tomaso Albinoni – Pianta bella
Purcell  Thy hand Belinda/When I am laid – Dido & Aeneas
Purcell  Chaconne in G minor Z 730


Tuesday 26 May  – Destination: Venice
Continuing on our journey to the Baroque destination, Ludovico’s Band explores the intricate labyrinth of Venice, and some of the most influential composers of 17th century Italy. Featuring instrumental works by Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Cavalli and Marcello.


Tuesday 18 August  – Unmasqued
The passion and drama of Baroque music is evident, and it is especially powerful in the masques and operas of the time. This program features excerpts from Locke’s Cupid and Death, Handel’s Acis and Galatea and Monteverdi’s ‘Eighth Book of Madrigals’.


Tuesday 17 November –A Musical Portrait – Charles I
Music from the court of Charles I – a portrait of a king. While King Charles I was not a very successful ruler, he did institute the post of Master of the King’s Music; a post which still survives today. Lutenist, composer, singer and painter, Nicholas Lanier was the first to hold the post. His art-collecting missions to Italy were a great influence, and he brought a new style of monody to England. This modernity, also reflected in the works of Locke and Lawes, and later influencing Purcell, paints a picture of the king, and the music he loved before his beheading!


Tuesday 19 April 2016 @ 6pm  Shakespeare’s Music – with Rodney Hall and Brenton Spiteri

Ludovico’s Band launches its 2016 season with a celebration of the music and words of Shakespeare, in this 400th anniversary year of his death. Joined by the acclaimed author and poet Rodney Hall, the band will perform music by Robert Johnson, Richard Allison, Henry Purcell, Antony Holborne and John Dowland. With guest tenor, Brenton Spiteri


  • Tuesday 2 August 2016 @ 6pm Destination – Naples

Ludovico’s Band continues its 2016 series with a journey to Naples – a vibrant musical centre and the birthplace of the music conservatory.

With its own rich folk music tradition, as well as local composers who included Scarlatti, Pergolesi, Bononcini, Porpora, and Durante, there is scarcely a composer of the first half of the settecento (1700s) who was not influenced by Neapolitan music.